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Unreal Engine - AI Influence Map

This is a project that I made in Unreal Engine 4. The AI will travel from one waypoint to another using navmesh and it will decide what direction it will go to by its influence map.

This is a pathfinding AI program using A* and Dijkstra. (Click the title to see more info on it)

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This is a fighting game editor that I made in c++ with designer tools to change how moves work in game. This helps make the game easier to build instead of tuning around with numbers outside of the game. (Click the title to see more info on it)

This is the game we created at the Vancouver Global Game Jam 2016, located at UBC. For anyone not familiar with Global Game Jam, your team is given a theme and you have to make a game that fits into that theme in one weekend. The theme of this Jam was "ritual." We also followed other constraints which added extra challenges, such as: only one input to play, the player can only move forward, no written instructions within the game, and finally only three colours were used.

(Click the title to go to the gamejam site with the download)

Maya - Environmental Reel

This is a environmental demo reel that I created while I was in BCIT using Maya, Photoshop and After Effets.

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