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C++ Fighting Game

The goal to a fighting game is to beat your opponent and make sure he has no health or have more health then them when the timer is up. It has all the basic mechanics in a fighting game. 4 attack buttons, block button, throw,  jump/double jump, forward and backdash, walking, special moves and super moves.

In this picture I show an  added mechanic this game has is an assist system for this character where he can summon an assist character (place holder animation) to attack the other player. If the player that called the assist or the assist character gets hit then they will lose there health.

This is what debug mode looks like in the game, in this mode you can modify how the characters frame data is afftected. You can press a move that you would like to edit and change its data like its hit/hurt box, how much damage the move does and more.


The character's hurtbox is the white box and the attack box is the blue one. At the bottom of the screen are inputs pushed onto the queue to check if a special or super input sequence was pressed.

This is a profiler tool that I created to identify bottlenecks in my code for optimization. On the right you can see what functions are being called and how long it takes to finish those functions.

In replay mode the game will replay the last match by recording all of the inputs in the game and timestamping them when it is pressed and how long the button is held for.

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