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Unreal Influence Map

Every agent in the scene are trying tofind a target and they are going to specific spots in a map based on an influence map. The map guides them on what direction to go to and the agents will orientate towards the cold zones and the zones are changing over time depending on when it was last searched or if a target left there tracks behind.

When an agent arrives at a section point they will check each neighbouring section points and head towards the coldest one, but if another agent is already heading towards that point then it will get the next coldest point found instead.

In the picture above it shows how the agent detects where the target is by using its perception and during the moment it finds a target it will notify all of the other agents in the area and they will head towards where the target was found.

Here the agents are in persuit of the target until they lose track of him by either he gets out of sight and is at a far distance or gets out of sight and hides in a safe zone

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